The Song

Our differences are what make us unique. Uniting in these differences helps create a chorus of passionate, talented people - each with a worthy voice.

SPACES is a first-of-its-kind musical collaboration created for everyone with a disability by the SMA community. Each creative component of the program - song, music video and album art - was led by someone with SMA. It uses the universal language of music to elevate the many voices of this community and celebrate our individuality. We're excited to share this with the world.

The talent

  • Photo credit: Travis Tanner


    Singer, songwriter and advocate
    The lyricist and leading voice of SPACES

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  • Dominick

    Filmmaker, activist, public speaker and writer
    The creative talent behind the SPACES music video

  • Zack & Zarek

    Brothers, adventurers and music enthusiasts
    The artist (Zarek) of the SPACES album cover

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The making of the music video