Boss babe, advocate, creative thinker, and Instagrammer

Challenger of stigmas and debunker of myths surrounding disability and body image

Fashion designer for body positive, inclusive, and empowering clothing

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Amanda & Jeremy

Parents of Asher and master celebrators of everyday life successes

Steadfast raisers of awareness and fighting to help fight SMA

Dedicated supporters of others in the SMA community

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Passionate storyteller, student, copy editor, and social justice advocate

Aspiring novelist, pasta lover, and heart emoji devotee

Dreamer, perpetually imagining new worlds while fighting to make this world better for everyone

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World traveler, author, public speaker, and nonprofit founder

Redefiner of accessibility, courageously pursuing new ideas to enhance the mobility of individuals with disabilities

Holder of a degree in counseling with a focus in prison ministry

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Mother of Hunter and creator of hope

Fierce champion, author, speaker, and consultant

Transformer of patients and companions into empowered advocates

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Shane & Hannah

Interabled couple, YouTubers, writers, breakers or boundaries, and world travelers

Squirmy (Hannah) and Grubs (Shane), humorous storytellers of their lively adventures

Fighters for increased accessibility

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